One of the local ferret mailing lists indicated that there was a DEW female in a shelter that wasn't meant for ferrets. The email said she was biter. Her name was Olivia. I picked up this little girl from the shelter, who had been feeding her fruits and vegetables which are very bad for ferrets. This little girl bit and bit and drew lots of blood.

I was to transport her to Kansas where a lady named Jessica was going to take Olivia. Jessica changed her name to Lizzie and taught her not to bite. Then Jessica got pregnant and we talked. There was no way she could keep Lizzie around a new baby, so I took Lizzie. Lizzie had stayed with us for two weeks, and we decided she'd be okay here. So, Lizzie came home to us. She still thinks about biting, but she doesn't. Jessica fixed her.

Lizzie has since gone adrenal and has a tail lacking in fur. She also grew a giant chordoma that we had to get removed.

Lizzie took over Mimzy's position as CEO.